our vision

The name of this ministry is the declaration of our hearts, “Father,


We’re driven to create an environment where the love of God is tangible for people. We believe our Father is the coolest person ever and we desire to simply, show His love. Jesus is our Big Brother and Savior, and the Holy Spirit is His Spirit in us. All together, we call Him God, Friend, Daddy, or all of the above. Your Will Be Done Ministries, is home to the forward thinkers of our generation who are determined to make a lasting impression on their neighbor, community, and planet.


We are a virtual church. We believe the church is a not a place but a people. We come together virtually every Tuesday @7pm cst with YWBD LIVE! But with VIA, we make our virtual connection a reality by gathering every first and third Friday of every month at a TBD location. Join us on this mission of relentless Love - enough talk, LET'S DO.